ISSN 2250-3129

International Journal of Computers Electrical and Advanced Communications Engineering

Volume: 01 Issue: 02 July 2012 – December 2012


  1. 1 Bit Full Adder Cell For Reducing Low Leakage Current In Nano Meter Technology
    Munnangi Bajikushma, S.Rambabu, N.G.V.Prasad
  2. A Study On Data Mining Integration On Cloud Challenges And Its Solutions
    Mr.Satish Babu J, Mrs. Siri D, Dr.Raja Prakash Rao P
  3. Back Of Task Computing Using Grid Clusters And Cloud Computing
    P.Ravindra, K.John Poul, Ch. Raja Jacob
  4. Block Regrouping Techniques For Capturing Visual Features
    M.Raja Kumara, B.Sowjanya Rani And S.Ramasree
  5. Correlation Learning Procedure Using Rpc In Decoder Side For Original Image
    A.N.Ramamani, Ch.Ramesh
  6. Cross Layer Adaptive Pdm Using Peer-Peer Network Environment
    I.Santhi, T.Rajendra Prasad, K. Ravi Kumar
  7. Data Security And Robustness
    Girish Reddy Ginni, V.Suresh, Vennakula L S Saikumar
  8. Design Of Low Power Flip Flop Using Dual Stack Method For Low Leakage Power
    Udaya Sravanthi.V, G.Leenendra Chowdary, N.G.V.Prasad
  9. Discovery Of New Clusters Using Intelligent Adaptive Techniques
    Vennakula L S Saikumar, V.Suresh, Girish Reddy Ginni
  10. Enterprise Adoption Of Cloud Computing: Data Security Across Networks
    Y Lihan Kumar, D V Krishna, Dr. P Raja Prakash Rao, K Sivarama Krishna
  11. Clustering Of Web Text
    C.Guru Sunanda, K. Ishthaq Ahamed, Y.Rama Mohan
  12. Extraction Of Template From Different Web Pages
    Thota Srikeerthi, Ch. Srinivasarao, Vennakula L S Saikumar
  13. Fermat Number Transform System Implementation Using Parallel Architecture With Fpga Technology
    G.Venkateswarlu, K.Padmapriya, Dr.D.Ramanaidu
  14. Filtering And Operations With Geometric Processing Of Grey Level Pictures/Images
    Sri Lakshmi U, Mr. Siva Rama Krishna K, Dr.Raja Prakash Rao P
  15. Many Task And High Through Computing Using Intelligent Clouds
    Ch.Swathi, P.Veeresh, V.Chandra Sekhar
  16. Web Information Gathering Using 2d Ontology
    P. Sai Krishnayya, V Suresh, Roshan Jammer Shaik
  17. Multiple Databases With Record Linkage Algorithm
    R.Surendra Babu, G.Aparna
  18. Nature Of Spams Identification Using Layout Abstraction Scheme
    Roshan Jammer Shaik, P. Suresh Babu, Vennakula L S Saikumar
  19. Navigation Based Fast Approximation Template Detection Algorithms For Heterogenous Templates
    Thota Soma Sarat, M.Revathi And Ch. Raja Jacob
  20. Online Voting Systems Vulnerabilities And Defenses
    Lavanya.V, N.Surya Prakash Raju
  21. Performance Enhancement Using Authenticated Data Filtration In Wireless Network A Reliability Perspective
    Arun Patnaik.P, D.Srinivas, K.Ravi Kumar
  22. Personalized Query Results Identification Using Agglomerative Clusteringalgorithm
    Chandrababu Alavala, Ch. Srinivasarao, Vennakula L S Saikumar
  23. Quasi Experiment Design For Detection Of Sleepy Objects Or Noisy Objects
    Pendyala Naga Lakshmi, G.Subbalakshmi And Ch. Raja Jacob
  24. Shadow Of A Multi Diminution Binary Image Resolution Without Explicit Image Smoothing
    Narasimha Rao Jonnadula, Dr.Harinatha Reddy B, Dr.Raja Prakash Rao P
  25. Snippets Based Lexical Pattern Results In Web Search Engines
    Jetti Sharmila Rani, Suchitra Reyya, P.Sujatha
  26. Transaction Management In Service Oriented System With Multi Class Negative And Positive Clients
    G.Pavani, Dr.P.Raja Prakash Rao

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21st DEC 2013

26th DEC 2013

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